Monday, March 16, 2020

Journey towards our Art Exhibition

Room 10 is underway planning, sketching, drafting all their work so they can start on their final product. Our Art Exhibition is in Week 9 on Friday.


  1. Hello Room 10,I hope you have enough time to create your art for the Art Exhibition. I hope your skechting and drafting works out.

    From Angellynah room8.

  2. Hi room 10
    I really like your art. I
    t looks colourful.
    I really think that you have a very good imagination.
    Did use guys finish it?
    Is it hard?

  3. Hello my name is Khin lin,I like the way you did it to make art.And it is amazing and colourful its so nice seeing colourful art around here,Room 8 enjoy looking at your creative art work.
    How many people were doing art?

    What kind of art work was it ?